A Day in the Life: Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is 8 years old. She was identified at 1 ½ years old with a moderate hearing loss. She was diagnosed at 5 years old with autism. Her parents, Dan and Shelly, work full time and they just welcomed a newborn to their family. Stephanie attends school at the public school down the street from her house.


7:15 AM


Dan is out of town on business, and Shelly is scrambling to get Stephanie out the door on time. Her bus arrives at 7:30 and Stephanie is just now getting dressed. Shelly tries to get Stephanie to move more quickly, but Shelly is also holding a crying newborn. Juggling two children has proved more difficult than Shelly imagined. In the hustle and bustle of the morning, she forgets to put new batteries in Stephanie’s hearing aids.


Lately, with things being more hectic around their home, Stephanie’s progress has waned and Dan and Shelly are concerned. Stephanie is not reading on grade level and the other children in her class are making age-appropriate academic gains. They are on the waiting list at the Marcus Autism Center’s Language and Learning Clinic, where Stephanie will receive services to help her improve her communication and social skills.



What Every Parent Needs to Know…

About hearing aids in Georgia…

Baby with hearing aids

The Georgia Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention (UNHSI)
Program provides the Georgia Hearing Aid Loaner Bank (GA HALB):

The purpose of this program is to provide temporary hearing aids for children with hearing loss, who are birth to 36 months of age, while they are waiting to receive their personal amplification devices. The Georgia Hearing Aid Loaner Bank lends hearing aids for up to six months, on a onetime per child basis and includes one ear mold per hearing aid. There are no financial restrictions or requirements of the family.  Referrals to the program must be initiated through a UNHSI District Coordinator, who will oversee the application process and serve as a resource to the family throughout the process. Please contact the UNHSI District Coordinator in the family’s home district for assistance.

The UNHSI website is currently under construction. You can contact Tammy Uehlin with all questions at 404-657-2878 until the website is up and working again.

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