What Words Should I Teach My Child?

Once you’ve determined whether your child is a language learner or language developer, you can target different vocabulary words each week. Here’s a guide to choosing vocab words.

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What words will you target this week?



Language Activity: Interactive Storytelling



What You Need To Know About Early Intervention (That Only Dr. Beth Can Teach You)


Meet Dr. Beth Benedict.

She’s an expert in her field of Deaf Education and will be sharing her expertise this Thursday.

LIVE. In ASL. With live voice interpretation. And real-time captioning.

This Thursday, March 14th, from 4-5:30 pm EST, Dr. Benedict will be giving a live webcast presentation on Early Intervention, “How Early Intervention Can Make a Difference: Research and Trends.”

To watch the live webcast, visit http://webcast.gallaudet.edu/?id=115.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity!


A little bit about Dr. Benedict…

Beth Benedict is a Professor in the Department of Communication Studies [at Gallaudet University]. Her work has focused on family involvement in schools with deaf and hard of hearing children, early childhood education, advocacy, early communication and partnerships between deaf and hearing professionals. Her teaching includes courses on Family Communication, Non Verbal Communication, Public Speaking, Group Discussion, and other relevant topics.

Dr. Benedict is currently a member of the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing, representing the Council of Education of the Deaf, which just finished writing a 2007 Position Statement. She was also a member of the Health and Human Services Constituent Expert Working Group on Effective Interventions for Infants and Young Children with Hearing Loss, coordinated by the U.S. Office on Disability. She has served on the Maryland Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Council and is currently the president of the American Society for Deaf Children.

Dr. Benedict has made numerous presentations at national and international conferences, schools and for family organizations. Published works include articles and chapters in numerous books related to early communication development.

Dr. Benedict is the mother of two deaf daughters (Rachel and Lauren), and is married to A. Dwight Benedict. Her family often participants in research projects that investigate the development of communication and literacy.