5 Reasons to Follow Georgia Pathway on Pinterest


Yes, it’s true! We’re on Pinterest!

An exciting venture for us and an opportunity for the Pathway community to share in an easy and accessible way.

Here are 5 reasons you should follow us on Pinterest:

1. An educational Pinterest board is a much better substitute for Facebook addicts (i.e. those who “like” every post related to cats, those who check Facebook multiple times within the hour, etc.).

2. You can combine your love of pinning with your love of Deaf Education.

3. When your boss catches you surfing Pinterest in the middle of your work day, you can tell her that you’re actually being productive, that you’re broadening your knowledge of the children you serve.

4. If pictures are more appealing to you than links, statuses, tweets, and “likes,” our Pinterest board is the place to be. Because, let’s be real, after a long day at work, you don’t want to read page after page in order to find helpful resources; you want pictures with a simple caption.

5. We want to follow you on Pinterest, too. Georgia Pathway is, after all, a community, and we are hoping to share information, to help one another grow as we tackle the goal of literacy for every deaf and hard of hearing child in Georgia by 2020.

Making an account is easy. Once you do, come on by and check us out!

You can find us at http://pinterest.com/georgiapathway/

Just do it. It won’t be the same without ya!

To learn more about Georgia Pathway to Language & Literacy, please visit our website at www.georgialiteracy.org or email us at gapathway@gmail.com.


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