“I See What You Mean”: Visualizing English Grammar


Gallaudet University is quickly becoming my favorite resource for video lectures. They have speakers discussing everything under the sun.

Here’s one presentation that I thought would be very useful and informative for our Pathfinders who teach students in ASL.

Dr. Kristin Di Perri is an independent literacy consultant. The VL2 website describes her presentation:

Research on visual language and learning for deaf children continues to underscore the necessity for a pedagogical revision in the way we teach English literacy skills. However, there is often a disconnect between research implications and the actual implementation of effective instruction. In this presentation, Dr. Di Perri discussed an interactive instructional approach for teaching English grammatical elements in a manner that maximizes visual information and retention/internalization of concepts.”

I don’t mean to fool you.

This presentation has already happened.

But you can watch it (as many times as your heart desires) online at http://videocatalog.gallaudet.edu/?id=14328.

This presentation is in spoken English with ASL interpretation and captions.

Enjoy (and let us know what you think)!


To learn more about Georgia Pathway to Language & Literacy, please visit our website at www.georgialiteracy.org or email us at gapathway@gmail.com.


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