Check It Out! … A Storybook App for Learning ASL

If you’re looking for a new, exciting way to teach your child or student ASL, check out this app, The Baobab, created by some of the foremost researchers and educators in Deaf Education at Gallaudet University.


Description from iTunes:

The Baobab is an original story about a curious little girl who embarks on an adventure. Complete with enthralling illustrations and talented American Sign Language (ASL) storytelling, this bilingual interactive storybook app features a rich American Sign Language glossary with 170 English to ASL words.

• Original and charming story told in ASL and English!
• Vivid Retina supported watercolor illustrations.
• Easy & accessible navigation designed for children.
• Rich interactive narrative with direct English to ASL vocabulary video translation.
• Audio voice-over provided for all vocabulary words.
• 170-word American Sign Language glossary! Parents can learn ASL along with their child.
• App design is based on proven research in bilingualism and visual learning. The ability to view the story in both, ASL and English leads to greater literacy skills in both languages in young children.

All the revenues from this app will go towards research and further development of more storybook apps.

Reviews of The Baobab App:

“This storybook app is simply outstanding. The illustrations, the video quality, the story itself – WOW. And it even teaches you ASL!”

“I am a bilingual Deaf person, and this one of the best ASL (American Sign Language)/English books I’ve seen. It is very easy to use and a great way to learn ASL and English. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to be bilingual in the two languages.”

“What a top-notch app designed for ASL/English bilinguals and ASL-curious children! The VL2 team have raised the bar for what a quality ASL/English ebook should look like. I especially loved the beautiful loud-popping illustrations. Also, one feature I really appreciated was the uninterrupted ASL story with animated effects in the background. Oh, by the way, the hummingbirds were so cute!

The app does a wonderful job of creating a bridge between American Sign Language and English, giving children the flexibility to learn and use both languages interchangeably. We need MORE of that, so I’m really excited to see what they will come up next! What a great addition to a small yet growing collection of ASL/English eBooks!”

Created by VL2 and Gallaudet University


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