Ask the Experts: Medicaid Coverage of Hearing Aids in Georgia

We received this email from one of our Pathfinders:

I’m writing to inquire about how insurance and Medicaid CHP works in Georgia for families with [D/HH] children. Our son has had hearing aid expenses covered by his secondary insurance, through Medicaid. All of our audiology appointments, hearing aids, and a small supply of batteries every three months are all fully covered. Our son has gone through 3 sets of hearing aids, and he will be four [years old] in a few days. He grew out of his first pair, had a second pair, then his hearing got a bit worse so his audiologist recommended he get a stronger type of aid made by a different company.


We asked our experts and here’s what they said:
Hearing Aid information for PeachCare (Medicaid for children in GA)

Call 1-(866) 211-0950 for more information on specific eligibility regarding hearing aids
•    Prior authorization from ENT
•    For members under the age of 21
•    2 every three years
•    Ear molds, cords, wires, batteries, repairs and labor are covered and reimbursable
•    Audiology evaluations, audiograms, hearing aid evaluation included in reimbursement
•    Responsibility of provider to provide appointment at no additional cost
•    Medicaid will not provide coverage for old hearing aids that were purchased prior to new ones
•    Annual repair card cannot exceed $225 parts labor and delivery

Reference #11129303


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