Marcelo’s Story

We visited a D/HH teacher, Erica, to hear about her student, Marcelo, who is deaf and bilingual (English and Spanish). She shared his story with us:

Marcelo is seven years old.

Marcelo passed his newborn hearing screening.  His mom began to suspect hearing loss when Marcelo was two and a half.  He was diagnosed at two years ten months and was aided with hearing aids two months later.  After receiving little benefit from the hearing aids, he got his first implant (right ear) at four years old.  His left ear was implanted at age six. He started school for Listening and Spoken Language when he was five and a half.

At the beginning of last school year, Marcelo was using single words and some simple sentences of up to three words (TASL level 1).  At the end of last year, he was consistently using simple sentences of three or more words and beginning to use some sentences of six or more words (TASL level 2).  Right now, he is consistently using sentences of six or more words and some sentences of eight or more words (TASL level 3). His vocabulary has also grown tremendously.

We have worked on a ton! Past tense verbs (irregular and regular), question words (when, how, why), subject-verb agreement, conjunctions (but, which, so), infinitive “to”, If___, then ___ sentences, comparatives, superlatives, question word order, prepositions, vocabulary development, voiced and voiceless /th/, /r/, /t/ and /d/, Kindergarten math and Kindergarten reading concepts.

We’ve gone to the nurse (who speaks Spanish) on numerous occasions to translate a word that Marcelo is using in Spanish into English.  At the beginning of the year, his [English] language wasn’t strong enough to describe the word he was using in Spanish (ex: using adjectives or words that are similar or a category name) so we would go to the nurse to translate.  His language has improved some so that he is able to talk around a word, rather than just repeat the word, and tell us a little bit about the word so we can bridge to the English translation ourselves.

All language targets and vocabulary words are sent home weekly so his mom and dad can be sure to share with Marcelo how this language sounds in Spanish.


Here is a video clip of Erica and Marcelo’s speech lesson.

Part 2 of Marcelo’s story will be coming soon (en Espanol)…

3 thoughts on “Marcelo’s Story

  1. This child also had 3 years of auditory-verbal therapy following his diagnosis of Auditory-Neuropathy. I think that is significant information regarding his history. In addition to his school placement, the early parent training his mother received in AV sessions helped her know what she could do with him at home.

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