Dear Jessica, how do I test my daughter’s academic progress?

We received this question from a Pathfinder – a member of our Georgia Pathway community of practice.

She writes:

Dear Jessica,

I am a homeschool parent of a hard of hearing child that uses hearing aids. What kind of standardized tests or testing should I do at the end of the school year to track her progress in academics? What tests do you recommend?

Thank you,



Dear Karen,

Many school programs use standardized assessments to measure year-end progress. However, many of those assessments are too costly for individual teachers or parents. If you are a classroom teacher or a homeschool teacher (parent), you can use more informal assessments to track progress or identify areas where you might need more work.

The Basic Reading Inventory (BRI) (Johns & Elish-Piper, 2012) is an informal assessment that allows teachers to assess word identification, fluency, or comprehension skills and can be used with existing materials in your classroom. It also has Early Literacy assessments. Here is an FAQ for the BRI:

The Common Core Standards will give you guidance for instruction and benchmarks. GA has adopted these standards to guide the curriculum for the state:


Johns, J. L., & Elish-Piper, L. (2012). Basic Reading Inventory: Pre-Primer through Grade Twelve and Early Literacy Assessments. Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

Dear Jessica

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