“One love, one heart, one destiny”


With the election finally behind us, I am relieved.

Months and months of squabbles between family members; feuding statuses on Facebook defending one’s political stances; distasteful bumper stickers in my face, mocking each candidate for one thing or another.


That kind of negativity gets exhausting.

To keep myself sane and optimistic in the midst of so much bitterness, I’ve done what my generation does best.

I’ve found solace in the web.

Looking for some transcending words of leadership, peace, and compassion.

My online search has left me “channeling” some of my heroes – Abraham Lincoln, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa –  and I’ve seen a recurring theme.

And that is, we can only control our own actions, so why not better ourselves and our community with relentless compassion?

We can sit around passively, hoping things will change or that someone else will change it for us,


we can actively and persistently pursue change.

For ourselves and for those who, for whatever reason, cannot.

Yes, I’m young. From what older generations tell me, I have a lot of living to do.

Okay, sure. I’m an idealist.
I have unrealistic dreams.
But there has never been growth or progress without

someone dreaming,
someone pushing past realistic expectations,
someone saying, “I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

As you can imagine, I am writing with one thing in mind.

Deaf education.

The statistics I’ve read are shocking.

What do you mean ‘children who are deaf and hard of hearing are at risk for literacy delays’?

Our kids, these bright, young minds, deserve to achieve their full potential.

Deserve to read on-level with their peers.
Deserve to communicate. However and whatever it is they want to communicate.
Deserve to have a future just as bright as the future our society offers typically developing children, children who can hear.

That’s what we’re
fighting for,
hoping for,
praying for,
giving for,
donating for,
raising awareness for,
communicating for.

The value that drives our purpose is the unconditional commitment to

children’s rights to reach their full potential.

That’s the reason why I so passionately wanted to work with and for Georgia Pathway to Language and Literacy.

Not all my posts will be this emotional, this saccharine and dreamy.

But as the newest member to join the team at Georgia Pathway, I wanted you all to know a little bit about me and how honored I am to be a part of this initiative.

Until next time, I challenge you to:

Post in the message board.
A question.
Or concern.
A story.
An article.

Let’s collaborate, Pathfinders!


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